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Walfrid Private Ltd. are delighted to announce they have become affinity partners to the National Guild of Master Craftsmen.

We are a Wealth Management firm that assist Company Directors, Self Employed Individuals and Entrepreneurs to reduce costs, reduce taxes and improve personal and business financial performance. We help tradesmen and craftsmen 10X their plans, their strategies, their goals and to create the Financial Independence to Retire Early (F.I.R.E.)

Walfrid Private help ignite business owners F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence to Retire Early) should they so choose. This doesn’t mean having to retire early, it means reaching the work optional stage of life faster than you thought possible by correctly strategizing, structuring income flows and developing tax control strategies that can expedite your retirement should you so choose. The F.I.R.E. is not for thrifty individuals. The F.I.R.E. is a movement for those that believe they can achieve more from their existing situations and reach life goals sooner than they envisage.

Walfrid Private also offer a route to Zero Tax Property (ZTP).

ZTP is a potential vehicle for pension funds to invest and purchase property that is asset-backed, Government-backed and offers a 0% Tax Rate on the returns. The average yield of this strategy is between 8% and 12% per annum. The pension fund purchases property and leases it back through local authorities. If you purchase 1 property offering €25,000 per annum rental income, that equates to €625,000 accumulated in your pension at the end of 25 years with a ZERO PERCENT TAX RATE.

To show you the blueprint of how to achieve the work optional stage of life and reduce tax, reduce cost and maximise performance…swipe your blueprints here and get the ball rolling!

F.I.R.E – https://bit.ly/3w4cN83

Zero Tax property – https://bit.ly/3sj7xfL

E: info@walfridprivate.ie

T: (01) 458 4327

W: walfridprivate.ie

Walfrid Private is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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