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Consumer feedback from Retail and Consumer events suggests there is huge demand for this type of product as consumers look at their options for combining SAORVIEW with free satellite channels and eliminating monthly TV subscriptions.

As the aerial installation trade is unregulated, SAORVIEW is not in a position to determine the suitability or competence of any installer for inclusion on its website. SAORVIEW is willing, however, to reference the Guild as an aerial installer registration body on its website and in direct communications with the trade and the public on the following basis:

  1. The Guild will ensure that prospective Guild member have a minimum competence standard to erect antennas on domestic and other premises.
  2. Prospective members must provide three recent reference installations to be inspected by the Guild as evidence of competence.
  3. Guild members must have adequate professional and public liability insurance with evidence provdied to the Guild on an annual basis.
  4. Compliance with the Health & Safety Authority's guidelines on Working at Heights and any other requirements as set out by the HSA.
  5. The Guild will ensure that its members adhere to its code of conduct and do not misuse the SAORVIEW brand in any way.
  6. The Guild will investigate customer complaints and provide redress where necessary.

In return SAORVIEW will list the Guild as a recognised registration body on its website and in any communication in response to installation queries from the trade or members of the public. The Guild logo will be carried on the SAORVIEW website with a link to the Guild's site. This will drive business to Guild members and will encourage non-members to consider joining the Guild. The Guild will be permitted to carry the SAORVIEW logo on the Guild's website with a link to the SAORVIEW site.

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