Pensions / Life / Specified Illness / Mortgage Protection

The Guild would like to welcome John Clare of Pension and Financial as a preferred advisor for all your pension and financial matters.

John has over 25 years of experience in dealing and advising clients, his aim is to provide a professional, friendly and personal service that you can trust and rely on.

As an introductory offer John would like to offer all our members a Free 1 Hour Financial Review and a 1% bonus on any lump sum pension transfers taken out before the end of October 2017.


Choosing the right pension fund can have a huge impact on pension values and the actual monthly/yearly pension payments that clients would get. As pension season time is just around the corner, a simple pension review can highlight any potential pitfalls in fund choices and will help to get a better pension for your future. The best time to start a pension was yars ago. But the second best time is NOW.
Here are 7 reasons we like to point out in the case FOR pension funds:

You need an income when you retire! (So, if it’s not through a pension, then you should have other plans)
The State Pension is low (€238 per week) and you’ll be old before you can get it (as old as 68 for most people)
You get tax relief on your contributions (this is free money from the Government) For every €100 you pay into your pension will only cost you €60 if you pay tax at 40%
Your fund grows tax free (another valuable tax benefit)
You get a tax free lump sum that you can draw down at retirement age
You can keep control of your fund in retirement (through a contract called an ‘Approved Retirement Fund’)
You can pass your fund on to your family after you’ve passed away (morbid I know but believe it or not the fund used to die with you – and still can if you don’t get the right advice)

Life Insurance

An unexpected event such as serious illness or death can result in financial difficulties for you, your family and your business. You can avoid this by implementing a comprehensive protection plan to provide financial assistance when you need it most.

Keyman Insurance

Key employees are found in every successful business. Whether they are the entrepreneur, the inventor or the person with the essential technical know-how the sudden loss of a key employee will put the business at great risk. Whilst an insurance policy alone cannot replace a key member of your team it is possible to insure the business against the death or sudden critical illness of that person. Just like a normal life insurance contract, a Keyman policy can provide funds for the use of the business in the event that a key person dies or suffers a serious illness which might prevent them from working. However, in this case the funds would be paid to the Business rather than the employee or their beneficiaries

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