Pension & Financial

Pension and Financial has over 25 years’ experience dealing and advising clients on all Pension, Insurance and Financial matters.


Believe it or not the Government will reward you for saving for your retirement. Tax relief is available on your contributions, for every €100 you pay into your pension it will cost you €60 if you pay tax at 40%. Your fund grows tax free and you can draw down a tax free lump sum when you retire.

Life Insurance

An unexpected event such as serious illness or death can result in financial difficulties for you, your family and your business. You can avoid this by implementing a comprehensive protection plan to provide financial assistance when you need it most.

Keyman Insurance

Key employees are found in every successful business and the sudden loss of a key employee will put the business at great risk. Just like a normal life insurance contract, a Keyman policy can provide funds for use in the business in the event that a key person dies or suffers a serious illness which might prevent them from working.

As a guild member you qualify for a free one hour financial review.

Please contact us by phone on 01 563 7900 or by email on to discuss and review all your pension and financial needs.

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