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Dear Members,

With the last few weeks of 2020 now in sight (will it EVER end?) we'd like to let you know about our Q4 advertising campaigns for Saorview, and how Saorview can benefit your business.

2020 has seen a dramatic rise in people turning to Irish TV, particularly for news. We expect that in the coming months the economic effects of Covid-19 and Brexit will likely prompt many more to reassess their monthly bills in search of savings. That's why on Monday 9th November, we commenced a two-week run of our radio advertising campaign. This campaign features the same 30-second advert as previously run, encouraging consumers to add an aerial to their TV with the start line 'If only everything was as easy as Saorview', and finishing with the line 'Saorview - for Flexible, Free TV'. You can download the November radio advertisement here. 

At the end of December, we will run our Saorview Connect TV advertisement featuring the 'No Contract, No Bills' message. This will be a short, high impact campaign that will be seen by many TV viewers as they share family time at home for Christmas.

These campaigns will air across RTÉ One, RTÉ2, RTÉ Radio 1 and RTÉ lyric fm at a time when audience numbers are very strong. 

We want to encourage customers who may be considering a new TV, or who are looking to vary their entertainment options, to add Saorview as part of their viewing choice. The channels on Saorview offer Ireland's most trusted news and current affairs programming via RTÉ One and RTÉ News, as well as a wealth of popular entertainment, comedy, documentary and kids' content on TG4, Virgin Media, and RTÉjr. If you missed the start of a programme, catch up on RTÉ One +1 or RTÉ2 +1, or view it again on the catch up guide and RTÉ / TG4 Players on Saorview Connect. And don't forget the many box sets now available on the RTÉ Player, whether viewing on Saorview Connect or on a Saorview Approved smart TV.

For your business, Saorview offers an opportunity to accessorise a TV sale; whether it's just an aerial, a Saorview Connect box or a USB hard drive, you can add value to your sales activity this quarter by reminding colleagues of the options available with Saorview. If a customer is considering getting a second TV, then Saorview is a great alternative to the cost of multi-room pay-TV subscriptions. With continued consumer interest in domestic appliances and home entertainment options this year, let's make it a great Christmas with Saorview - Ireland's FREE TV service.

You can view the December Saorview TV advertisement by clicking here.

If you need any Saorview brand assets for use online, please get in touch and I will be happy to arrange supply of same.

Thank you for your continued support,

Jim Higgins


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