RESOURCE TOOLKIT : Expert Guidance for working through ongoing Level 5 restrictions

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Dear Members,

In this month’s Partner Resource Toolkit, the advice and guidance resources we’ve included will help your members, clients, and associates to continue working through COVID-19 challenges and prepare for getting back to work.

This month’s Toolkit includes the following resources:

VIDEO: Managing Vaccines in the Workplace: Our informative video answers the most frequently asked questions employers have on managing vaccines in the workplace.

ARTICLE: Parent’s Leave changes confirmed: Employers must ensure they’re up to date on the new three-week extension to this family-friendly entitlement. Our article covers the key points.

ARTICLE: Right to Disconnect guidance published: Our article discusses how The Code of Practice for Employers and Employees on the Right to Disconnect affects employers and their employees.

GUIDE: Changes to Employment Contracts in Ireland: New ways of working, such as remote working, need to be reflected in an employer’s employment contracts. Our guide explains how to make changes to contracts of employment.

GUIDE: Annual Leave Guide: Employees remain reluctant to use their annual leave entitlement as restrictions continue. Still, it’s important they use their entitlement so employers avoid a backlog later in the year. Our guide explains the ins and outs of annual leave.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Employment Contract Template: Employers must provide employees with the five core terms of employment no later than five days after they start work; our Free Download will help employers do just that.

WEBINAR: Managing Redundancy and Lay-off during COVID-19: This webinar will help employers get the technical aspects of redundancies and lay-offs right, so they avoid breaching employment laws.

WEBINAR: Managing the COVID-19 Vaccination in Your Business: This webinar will help employers prepare for the COVID-19 vaccination before their employees become eligible, enabling their business to move forward as safely and strongly as possible.

To make the most of the Toolkit, we recommend sharing one or more elements via your communication channels, such as social media, newsletters, or your website, and using the copy we’ve included.


Kind Regards,


Moira Grassick 

Managing Director