Non-Domestic Gas Works Regulation

By nguadmin, Tuesday, 27th October 2020 | 0 comments

Dear Members,


I write regarding the introduction of regulation of non-domestic gas installers.


As you might be aware, new rules bringing the non-domestic gas sector into line with the domestic sector were due to come into effect from January 2021.


Considering the ongoing Covid-19 situation, it is clear the national and regional restrictions on movement, work, and hospitality have affected both the non-domestic gas installing sector and commercial gas customers. The Government’s assumption underpinning Budget 2021 published earlier this month is of “the continued presence of the virus in Ireland next year”.


Having taken soundings from key stakeholders on the best way forward for introducing the new non-domestic gas works regulations, the CRU has decided to postpone their implementation to 2023.


The new start date of 2023 has been chosen as it coincides with developments and processes that will be in place for the new designation term for the Gas Safety Supervisory Body, the role currently carried out by RGII. We will shortly publish an information note on our website setting out further details and will let you know when it is available.


The CRU will use the upcoming months to review existing arrangements for non-domestic gas works with a view to improving safety, where needed, pending implementation of the new regulations in 2023.  We will also revisit the proposed arrangements for Non-Domestic Gas Works regulation to determine if any enhancements are needed.


Pat Doyle