InterTradeIreland's Emergency Business Solutions Supports [EBS]

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Companies are able to access professional advice to address issues arising from Covid and the current economic climate through InterTradeIreland's Emergency Business Solutions support [EBS], which is fully funded

Companies are engaging the professional advisors in various areas:

People impact - reviewing the employee handbook and ensuring HR policies and employee contracts are up to date.
Profit margin impact - looking at product delays, longer lead times, and looking at the right things to focus on to sustain profit margins. 
Cashflow impact - projections and the impact of changes to agreed trading terms of payments & receipts 
Remote working - how to manage staff working from home, juggling onsite and offsite requirements.  
Health & Safety risk register reviews, safety logs and simplify monitoring & contact tracing 
Product / Service Diversifying – taking current offerings and making some changes
Business Strategy Repositioning – major rethink on how the business operates to survive - new markets or product/service

By completing a short application, you can access this help to keep your business moving forward.  Apply now for the EBS support, it is 100% funded, and your application will be reviewed.

There is also a programme to look at online marketing, sales or ecommerce help.  So submit your EBS application and then if you need details on the online sales/marketing supports let me know.  

Much appreciated

Monica McGeary
InterTradeIreland - Trade Programmes Support