Fuel Discounts

DCI: Stay ahead of your fuel costs with us!
Our Fuel Card Benefits

What makes DCI different?

Customers work with us as we offer a unique product which enables businesses to work efficiently and our fuel cards are safer than a standard fuel card as we have a host of additional security features and benefits including pin protection, card cancellation through velocity, matching your fuel card to vehicles or drivers and the ability to set spending limits to monitor your fuel spend. All our customers have the option to download our industry leading App's; e-route, Velocity and Vehicle Check, these solutions are designed to increase productivity with enhanced route planning and journey data.

Largest Fuel Card Network in Ireland

We have over 1,500 site locations available nationwide, including access to popular forecourt brands such as Circle K/Topaz, Texaco, Top, Maxol, Emo, Great Gas, Campus, Gulf, Amber and a selection of Applegreen stations, you’ll also have access to the UK Fuels sites when operating on mainland Britain. Plan your journeys online via our e-route solution, accessible through our Smartphone app or download the content straight to your SatNav.

Group Offer

Your DCI Fuel Card entitles you to a competitive weekly fuel price, as well as the option of being notified of price changes completely free by email or by SMS, so you’ll always know the price of your fuel each week. *We are offering all National Guild of Master craftsmen members - 3c off at the Diesel pumps and - 2c off the Unleaded pumps.

*This Offer is only open to current National Guild of Craftsmen members. Terms and conditions apply


We provide a cost-effective fuel management solution that enables our customer base to manage their vehicles/fleets with real-time online invoices using our industry leading management solution called Velocity. The Velocity online reporting system comes with all DCI fuel cards, providing comprehensive insights in to your fuel spend ensuring you have complete control. You can also manage multiple cards and run transaction reports, whether grouped by vehicle, driver or by location giving you a complete picture of where your drivers are filling up. This means administration time is reduced, claiming back VAT is simple and relying on driver receipts is no longer required.

How to Apply?

Call: +353 91 482940 (Rachel Gallagher direct number)

E-mail: rachel.gallagher@dcicard.ie

If you have any questions or just want to find out a bit more information, please email Rachel on rachel.gallagher@dcicard.ie