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Dear Members,

We are delighted to have partnered with the National Guild to provide its members and fellow affinity partners with a complete eBusiness solutions package. 

EBCD Software Solutions Ltd January 2022
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Offer to The National Guild Members
EBCD Software Solutions Ltd is a small Irish Digital Marketing Agency catering for a wide range
of companies across all sectors. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes
to Web Development and Online Marketing tools to allow members of The National Guild of
Master Craftsmen to be more visible online.
1. Grow your online presence using a new mobile responsive website
2. Showcase your business and your work effectively through online channels
3. Inspire confidence in your own work through detailed portfolios
4. Generate more income
A custom mobile responsive brochure website detailing your work and showcasing your projects.
Once online, we will look after EVERYTHING for you.
We charge a one off development fee for the website itself. We then charge a small monthly fee
to look after everything for you in relation to your website, along with your businesses online
The list of exactly what we look after for you is lengthy, so you’re best off reaching out to know
For a full breakdown of our offer for The National Guild of Mastercraftsmen, please see our
dedicated website page  

We look forward to working with the members of the National Guild of Master Craftsmen going forward.





As a professional tradesman you want to grow your business without breaking the bank or adding more work to your day (or evening!!). Also, wouldn’t it be nice not to deal with as many tyre kickers or spend so much money on advertising?!

Tradebot helps you to get more work, and better jobs through your website, phone and email. Right now someone is on your website looking to get work done; with Tradebot you have a 24/7 digital salesman that automatically chats to them, getting you more and better leads! Tradebot can also reply to emails and texts.  So while you’re busy on the job, it’s helping you get the next job!

We are delighted to have partnered with the National Guild of Master Craftsmen and to provide an exclusive deal to its members. Try Tradebot free for 90 days and see how it can help your business. There’s no contracts, no credit cards required, or set-up costs. No BS – the only thing you have to lose with this deal, is more business!

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Whether you’re a tiler in Tallaght, builder in Blackrock, or spark in Sligo, we have options to suit every trade, business size and budget!