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Membership Services

Members are entitled to avail of the Tradesmen Insurance Group's services, our inhouse insurance brokerage group dedicated to all members of the national guild.

Pension Life & Specified Illness Cover

We provide information on Pension / Life & Specified Illness Cover Accident Cover & Mortgage Protection through John Clare Pension & Financial for members of The National Guild of Master Craftsmen

Private Health Care

Discounts on Private Health Care plans for members of the National Guild of Master Craftsmen, with V.H.I.

Legal Advice Service

Free Legal advice available from the Guild's list of appointed professionals.

Mediation Service

The Guilds Mediation Services available to members can help to avoid costly legal proceedings.

Debt Collection & Credit Vetting

In response to the demand from our members we have established Guild Money Recovery Services, our own inhouse debt recovery company, independently staffed with solicitors, door step callers and telephone personnel.


Substantial Discounts are available to members from the appointed list of Guild's printers.

Safety Statements

A complete range of Professional Health & Safety Risk Management Services- Nationwide.

Vehicle Fleet Discounts

Available to Guild Members on the purchase of Ford, Opel, Ssang Yong, Volkswagon and Toyota vehicles - conditions apply.

Public Recognition

Membership of the National Guild of Master Craftsmen is recognition of Quality & Service and the Certificate is a valuable trading asset.

Letter of Recommendation Service

The Guild provides a highly valuable service for its members by way of a letter of recommendation service to enable further business opportunities.

The Guild Logo

The Guild Logo identifies to the public the quality and skills of the member.

Register of Members

Computerised list of members to enable us to identify for the public and other members the quality of skills and services offered.