Maintenance of Standards

The National Guild of Master Craftsmen is the largest organisation representing skilled and accredited tradesmen and builders.

One of the Guild's principle objectives is to preserve high standards. For it is the quality of members' work which achieves public recognition, and the consequent reputation for quality which attracts extra business for all members.

The symbol of the Guild's reputation for quality is the Guild logo.

Unsuitable applicants, identified by the Guild's strict vetting procedures, are automatically denied membership. Existing members, who allow their standards to fall, resulting in verified complaints from their customers, are refused permission to continue membership. In this way the Guild plays its part in maintaining the quality standards which protect those who are genuinely working with skill and integrity.

Membership of the Guild can be the most important asset in many businesses. It would cost a considerable amount of money for any company to build a comparable reputation for quality with such a strong corporate identification.

In the eyes of prospective customers, any new member is automatically identified with long-standing members who have already shown their determination to provide quality products and services. This gives reassurance to prospective customers deciding where to place their next order. It also places an obligation on the new member to live up to high standards.

You will be helping yourself by helping us to maintain these high standards at all times.

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