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Fuel Discounts

Topaz Fuel Card Benefits

The Topaz Fuelcard comes with many benefits...

Fixed Price Nationwide

Your National Guild of Master Craftsmen Fuel Card will entitle you to a competitive price structure on all fuel costs. Valid for petrol and diesel purchases, the card will guarantee a fixed weekly price on your fuel at all Topaz stations nationwide. Currently, prices change midnight each Friday. By ‘fixed’ we mean that wherever you use the card, this is the maximum amount that you can be charged. One weekly price applies for all purchases in ROI. The pump price will not apply to any transactions. Average savings are 2 - 4 c.p.l. against the average pump price. Upon application, a text advising weekly fuel price can be sent weekly.



Pending credit approval we can offer you a monthly invoice which is paid on the 14th day following invoice by direct debit. Invoices will be issued via e-billing plus copies can also be accessed on WebFuels which is our online account management system. Once you register we will issue you with a username and password. Your invoice will detail all transactions by vehicle/driver name for the billing period. Invoices can be used to reclaim the vat - reducing overall administration and the problem of lost receipts.

Convenient Locations

With over 350 locations available nationwide there’s sure to be a Topaz station near you. Free Text your current location to 50456 to find your nearest Topaz location. (This facility only operates currently in ROI) eg. Text ‘Dundalk’ to 50456 and you will instantly receive an sms text with the exact location of the nearest service station.

Fuel Cards

Our fuel cards can be set up by vehicle reg and/or driver name. Every time you use your card you will be requested to enter your mileage and vehicle reg.

No Government Tax

Because the Fuel Card is not a credit card it does not attract any government tax.

Car Wash Offer

4 vouchers will be sent to each applicant when card has been activated. You can avail of a €5 wash special at selected sites in addition to the vouchers.

How to Apply?

Call: 01 2028886.

If you have any queries, please email or call 01 2028886.

And Topaz Fuels take you further...
In association with the world’s leading supplier of fuel packages we have sourced an additive for our fuels that improves engine efficiency, cleans and protects against corrosion and reduces emissions. In fact, we can actually take you up to 24kms further on a tank of Topaz fuel when compared to standard fuel.*

Home Heat Offer

We are also delighted to be able to offer all National Guild of Master Craftsmen Fuel Card members excellent Home Heat prices at selected locations. Please contact us on 1850 250 650 quoting ‘GROUP’ for current prices or request a quote online.


* When tested against standard fuels. Calculations based on up to 3% saving on a full 55 litre tank giving an average 800km = 24km. Actual savings may vary accordingto vehicle, driving conditions and driving style.