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Make Getting Paid Easy

Use your mobile phone to receive and record payments

Reduce the time you spend…..

Chasing payments

Queuing at the bank

Issuing receipts

Accept payments using your mobile phone

All payments processed are automatically receipted

Your staff can collect payments on the go.

Record and receipt all card, cash and cheque payments.

Text payment requests to your customers to facilitate easy card payments.

Include myeasypay on your website to provide more payment options for your clients.

No Setup Charge

Exclusive offer to members of The National Guild of Master Craftsmen

No myeasypay transaction charges for 6 months for our premium package

(merchant services charges will apply)

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After the initial offer the following transaction charges will apply

Package Myeasypay Transaction Charge Minimum Monthly
      Essential                          1%                €10
      Advanced                          1%                €15
      Premium                          1%                €20